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Paint by Numbers
by Wall art designs (WAD)

Frequently asked questions

What is Paint by numbers WAD?
Wall Art is a Wall Mural Kit that is traced and painted on a wall using one of our
many designs. The Wall Mural Kit allows people with no artistic training to create Wall Murals using special large sheets of tracing paper to transfer professionally drawn images to your wall.

Each Kit Includes:
• Easy Step-By-Step Instructions
• Suggested Paint-by-Number Guide
• Mural-Maker Tracing Paper® (panels)
• Alignment Tape
• Colored Tracing Pencil
• Slant-Edge Paint Brush
• Acrylic Paint
• Final Touch Outliner
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Shouldn’t I have at least a little training to use a Wall Art Design?
No. Not at all. You can do it! Our three step Tape, Trace and Paint process makes it easy. Remember Paint-by-Numbers? That’s what this is. You just follow the numbers and go!

What sizes do the murals come in?
Size A = 5’ wide x 3’ high (approx.)
Size B = 9’ wide x 5’ high (approx.)
Size C = 11 ½’ wide x 6 ½’ high (approx.)

Is WAD something my children can do?
Children may need some assistance in hanging the tracing paper (panels), but then it’s a matter of tracing over the lines of the mural and following the suggested Paint-by-Number guide.
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Where can I use my WAD mural?
Wall Art is perfect for a smooth wall surface. But it will also work great on any surface to which the Mural-Maker Transfer Paper® will transfer.
(Furniture, Floors, Ceramic Tile, Wood, Clay or Ceramic Pots,
Be creative…try your own surface ideas. If painting on fabric, mix a fabric medium as indicated on the paint label.

How much time does it take to complete a WAD Mural?
It will vary depending on the size you choose, but even beginners can complete a 9’ x 5’ mural in 10 hours or less.
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Do I have to follow the Paint-by-Number guide?
No. You can paint the suggested colors, match your existing room or create your own décor. Color in the blank design (like a coloring book) provided on the instruction sheet to customize you own color scheme. (Note: Make a few black and white copies of the design so you will have the freedom to try all your color options.)

Where do I find the right kind of paints?
Paint is included with your Wall Art Kit! If you need more, or if you’d like to change the color scheme, we recommend 2 oz. acrylic craft paints available in craft stores or latex paint (quart size) available at your home improvement or paint store.
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Do the kits work with any kind of base paint as the background?
We recommend either a semi-gloss or flat paint.

Should I protect the mural with some type of sealant once it is painted?
Depending on the use of the room, you may want to use a clear sealant available at most craft and paint stores to protect murals in children’s rooms where it is likely that little hands will leave prints all over your work of art. CAUTION: If you used the optional outliner to outline your mural, please test the sealant on a small area to be sure the marker used will not bleed as the sealant is applied.

Can I take individual elements of different wall mural designs and mix and match them to customize my own wall mural?
Each wall mural is sold separately and can be cut apart for individual placement on other sections of your wall, floor, furniture and accessories. Of course, additional walls can be ordered at the same time, but each Wall Art mural is packaged separately and will have their own shipping charges per box.

How do I prepare my wall?
For best results you’ll need a smooth wall surface painted white or with a light-color base coat. If you are at all unsure about the quality of your current paint job, prep the wall and repaint before beginning your mural. We recommend either flat or semi-gloss paint depending on your preference or need to wash or wipe the wall.
Example from Drywall to Wall Art:
2 coats of Primer,
1 coat of Latex Flat or Semi-Gloss Indoor Wall Paint
Ready for Wall Mural

Why do I trim Mural-Maker Tracing Paper®?
To assure accuracy when matching up your mural design at the cut lines where the Mural-Maker Tracing Paper meets each other.

Is the paint provided in the kit safe for me to use if I'm pregnant?
The paint included is water soluble and classified as Non-Toxic.

Are the Wall Mural Kits re-usable?
Yes, the Wall Art Mural Maker Transfer Paper? is re-usable. Design elements can be moved about, cut apart, and used over.
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Can a WAD Kit be used on an outside wall?
Wall Art can be used outside, depending on the surface of the wall. We do recommend a smooth surface.
The Wall Art Kit includes acrylic craft paint. You may find you need more paint, due to the coverage area being more difficult to cover. If you want to use the acrylic craft paint in your Wall Art Kit and paint outdoors, we recommend applying a clear sealant, Super-Tough Polyurethane For Outdoor & Indoor Use, by Delta Ceramcoat after the paint is dry.

Another paint option is to use indoor/outdoor "Patio Paint", by DecoArt. (2oz. bottles) This is a one step product and will not require a primer or sealer. "Patio Paint" performs best on raw, unsealed porous surfaces such as terra cotta, wood, concrete, etc.

How does the mural transfer to the wall?
The Mural Maker Transfer Paper® is similar to carbon paper. It is lightweight and easy to use. When transferring the design on your wall, it will not rub off until you apply pressure with your pencil. Any unwanted image marks or smudges can easily erased, covered with paint or washed off with a damp cloth.

Any other questions?
If you have any questions please contact usand we will do our best to answer any queries you have.



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